Eve’s apple

Hoje o post será muito pequenino, com apenas uma fotografia. Mas eu adoro esta fotografia! Isto foi num casamento há dois anos. Reparei que a minha mãe ficou com uma maçãzinha presa ao sapato e decidi fotografar! Adoro a conjugação do vermelho com o verde.

Today’s post will be very short since I’ll only be posting one picture. But I love this picture! I took it on a wedding two years ago. I noticed my mother got a little apple stuck in her shoe and I decided to take a picture of it! I love the mix between the red and the green tones.
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  1. Alexandra says:

    Sapatos maravilhosos e ideia excecional! 😀
    Alexandra 🙂

    Participem no concurso do blogue! 😉

  2. Mela D. says:

    Lovely concept of this photo! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog dear. Following you now via GFC and Bloglovin! 🙂
    Now it's your turn? Thanks in advance lovely.

    xx, Mela

  3. The photo is just exceptional! Amazing! This is an eyegasm. It can be the movie poster if there will be a film of "Adam and Eve". Very cool!

    Followed you on Bloglovin' and GFC, please follow back too 🙂


  4. Victoria Lin says:

    wow, amazing blog!
    Wanna follow each other?
    I am very happy, if you have a look at my blog.♥

  5. Jurgita says:

    beautiful photo 🙂
    following you on bloglovin and GFC.Hope you will do the same 😉

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