Where to eat in Brussels

Here comes the delicious post! When we were in Brussels, we went to some restaurants/cafes that I really wish they were in Lisbon, so I could go there as many times as I wanted to. The first one, where we had lunch in the first day, was the Peck 47. Omg… Still can’t believe I ate such a good salty waffle. So so good! Then we had dinner in the oldest and most well-known restaurant in Brussels, the Chez Leon, where they have been serving emoules since 1893. It was actually really good, even for me since I’m not the biggest fan of moules. The last one I will refer is the waffle from the old Maison Dandoy, also the oldest waffle place in Brussels. Around the city, you can also find several chocolateries and kiosks selling waffles. Perfect for me!
Aqui está o post mais delicioso de todos! Quando estivemos em Bruxelas, fomos a vários restaurantes/cafés que adorava que houvesse em Lisboa, para que pudesse irassim que me apetecesse. O primeiro, onde almoçámos no primeiro dia, foi o Peck 47. Meu deus… Ainda nem acredito que comi um waffle salgado assim… Tão tão bom! Jantámos no mais antigo e famoso restaurante de Bruxelas, o Chez Leon, onde se come mexilhões desde 1893. Estava, de facto, muito bom, mesmo para mim que não sou uma grande fã de mexilhões. O último que vou referir é o waffle que comi na velha Maison Dandoy, a wafferia mais antiga de Bruxelas. Em toda a cidade encontram várias chocolaterias e quiosques a vender waffles. Perfeito para mim!

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