Gift idea for Valentine’s Day

  Are you thinking about what to offer your soulmate in this Valentine’s Day? Here is my suggestion, either if it’s for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Everybody loves music, but everybody knows…

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Analog Stories: Germany

  On my second year of university, I had a subject of Analog Photography. I learnt how to use an analog camera and how to develop the film in a photography lab.…

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My Sale Season

  Hey there! I hope I’m still in time to inspire you in this sale season. These were basically my lucky strikes of the last couple of months and I’m almost sure…

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Room Decor with Desenio

  This week starts with a decor post. Some months ago I discovered a brand called Desenio but its website didn’t sell to Portugal. As soon as they opened the portuguese website…

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Velvet Stripes

  What if stripes, velvet and metallic colors were together? This shirt is the perfect combination of the three. Velvet will always mean authenticity and some kind of charm, stripes is one of…

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The Best of 2017

I don’t even know where to start! 2017 was such a good year, full of discoveries, challenges and achievements. First of all, I came back from England where I did my Erasmus.…

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