Off Shoulder

    Hey there! Just came back from Madrid with a lot of things to show you after I finish the posts from Costa Rica. I promised you I would show you…

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Shop the look


  Sorry for keep posting bikini photos but I really wanna show you all of these photos of Costa Rica. And I promise there are only three posts left and then I…

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The Surroundings

  As you already know, Manuel António was our last stop but we also visited some places around it, such as Uvita. But first of all I want to tell you I…

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Manuel António

  This is the other beach I went to in the Manuel Antonio National Park. We arrived at the park around 7 am and then we walked until the beach. We passed…

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Espadilla Sur

  Time to show you our last stop in Costa Rica: Manuel António. The paradise. This was the first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean and, of course, swam in it.…

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Monte Verde

  Monte Verde was the highest point I was in Costa Rica and the only place I can tell that it was actually colder. I liked the El Establo hotel, apart from…

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